Use linen - Linge de Ré

Linge de Ré is a selection of white linen provided by Elis, the hotel linen specialist.

To consult the prices of Linge de Ré before ordering, we invite you to visit our dedicated page linen rental on the ile de Ré .

Our linen is especially suitable for owners of the Ile de Ré who wish to offer a warm welcome to travelers and also to vacationers themselves anxious to respect their hosts by renting the linen needed for their stay. You can rent everything needed for the preparation of beds: duvet cover, flat sheet, pillowcase; for the preparation of bathrooms: hand towel, bath towel, bath mat or for the kitchen: dish towels.

  • Some precautions for use are recommended, and the deposit could be held partially or completely in case of:
  • Total or partial cut of linen (scissors, knives, etc.)
  • Total or partial tear of linen (very sudden and brutal movements)
  • Total or partial burn of linen (cigarette, fire, etc.)
  • Dirt making impossible to reuse the linen (shoe polish, etc.)

After using Linge de Ré, you will be invited to bring it back to our drive: linen restitution in Rivedoux-Plage.

Our network of local partners:

"Linge de Ré" is a local service provided by "Clés de Ré" for vacationers, owners and guests, and has a network of local partners, especially: